Abaya And Robe Are Not The Same

There are generally Muslim clothing models abaya and abaya are not much different, because both types of clothing are both have a long and loose covering the body. The robe model will usually be shaped like a long and loose dress. While the Abaya is a long piece of clothing that is usually used outside or to cover the standard clothing. The abaya dress model is also almost like a loose dress and a few others like a long robe.

Here are the differences between Robe and Abaya:

If seen at a glance it turns out the robe is almost like a kaftan. But some of the most basic differences are based on the shape of the clothes on the body parts that are not too wide and some decorations that are used are not too glamorous. The robe is usually in the form of a long robe that forms on the body a little loose in the wrinkles or grooves at the waist.

The variation form of the robe is robe which has material from batik cloth. Just like kaftans, because the shape is less simple, and the robe is less comfortable when used for work.

The robe is generally more commonly used at events such as religious events, weddings or gatherings with family on holidays.


Abaya is a type of clothing that originated in the Middle East. Abayas are simple, loose or broad clothes. Basically, the abaya is a kind of robe dress as worn by women in the Middle East

The materials used to make abayas vary depending on the taste of the maker. Most are made from cotton and in general, have some additional form of sequins or borders and lace.

That’s it for the information regarding the abaya that we can share with you. Even though this article isn’t long, we hope it helps you to know more about the difference between Muslim clothings.


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