Benefits of Superfood Rich in Nutrition

If Superman is a human figure with superhuman powers, the same meaning applies to superfoods. In case you didn’t know, superfoods are a category of foods that are claimed to have super or very healthy properties. Actually, there are no patent criteria regarding what foods can be called superfoods. This caused a controversy in the community as the term was eventually used as a marketing tool. Even though not all types of food can be classified into it.

Even so, superfoods do exist. Here are some superfoods list 2021 that deserve this title along with their health benefits.

Salmon is rich in omega-3
Polar bear’s favorite food deserves to be called a superfood because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These substances are known to have a range of health benefits. Among them are treating diseases caused by inflammation, reducing the risk of heart disease, and helping to maintain ideal body weight. Apart from containing omega-3s, salmon is also rich in good fats that can lower bad cholesterol levels. Protein, B vitamins, potassium, and selenium are also contained in it. But you still have to be careful in choosing these fish because some of them can be contaminated by mercury.

Garlic has various benefits
Without you knowing it, garlic is present in most of the foods you consume. The reason is, garlic is one of the basic spices. Without realizing it, garlic also has health benefits that are big enough to deserve to be called a superfood. What are some of them? In each clove, garlic contains 13 calories, vitamins B6, C, manganese, selenium, and fiber. Reporting from Greatist, this content can fight fungal infections, reduce the risk of endometrial cancer, heart disease, lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and strengthen our immune system.

Anyone can consume superfoods on a daily basis because basically all fruits and vegetables are superfoods. There is no need to spend extra money on “premium” fruit and vegetables, as fruit and vegetables bought in local markets and supermarkets actually provide the same benefits.


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