Don’t Do These 4 Things If You Don’t Want Your New SUV To Be Damaged Quickly

Many people want a luxury car, but because of the high prices people switch to renting. Prestige car rental london is one of the best places to hire a luxury car, so if you want to rent a luxury car you can rent in this place. Well, one of the cars that are in great demand right now is an SUV. Tough and has a large capacity is the advantage of SUV cars. Besides, SUVs are generally equipped with a charming body appearance and qualified features that will make you comfortable driving. But all that will be maximized if you drive and care for this one car in the right way.

Check out some important things you need to avoid when you have a new SUV:

1. Often used for short distances

Short distances and only takes a few minutes of travel, it will adversely affect your SUV. Because you will drive with an engine that is still unstable, aka still cold.

To heat a car engine, it takes about 3 minutes, so the engine can work optimally. But when you only drive for a short time, the engine temperature is not optimal.

It could have made wasteful use of fuel. So it is advisable to avoid driving short distances if you don’t want your Gress SUV engine broken.

2. Pressing the accelerator too hard

Emotionally, you will certainly be excited when driving in a new car. This can have an impact on how you drive the car, including when stepping on the accelerator and using other features.

Avoid pressing the accelerator too hard, because this can cause the car to reach an incorrect Rotation per Minute (RPM) level. This will also affect the rhythm of the gearshift that you do while driving. If the gearshift does not match, then your car’s speed will also not be maximal.

3. Do not change the oil regularly

New car owners generally often ignore their car oil needs. Assuming the car is still new and rarely used. But the fact is, new cars must also change the oil regularly because this one liquid is needed to lubricate the engine parts of the car.

If the engine lubricant does not work well, the condition of the engine will be more easily damaged. Not only that, but your SUV will also feel uncomfortable when driving. Make sure you always change the oil regularly, so that your car can be durable and stay fit when driving.

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4. Reckless driving

Not only how to care for the car, but how to drive will also greatly affect the condition of your favourite SUV. When you have a new car, you will be more excited and happy while driving.

The car is driven at high speed without regard to road conditions. Of course, this is quite risky and causes problems, especially if the road conditions are not smooth and there are many holes everywhere.

Avoid reckless attitude when driving, because this will make the condition of the car to be easily damaged. Besides, how to drive like this can also threaten the safety of your soul.

Keep driving well so that the new car will last longer and obey traffic signs on the road to avoid the risk of accidents.


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