How Cisco Meraki Started

Cloud technology is now increasingly being used in a variety of equipment, including IT network solution technologies. One example of a company that developed this technology is Cisco through one of its product lines namely Cisco Meraki. Various IT solution equipment such as wireless, switching, security and so on can now be configured remotely. That is why it is important to remember Meraki License Renewal to make sure you could use the system without a hassle.

In the beginning, there was a project called Roofnet to provide wi-fi for the city of Cambridge. Then the company was transformed into a California-based Startup Wi-fi company that was founded around 2006. The company is known as the Free the Net campaign that provides free internet access to 100 thousand San Francisco residents. Although it only lasted for 2 years the name Meraki began to be known for its ability to control the campaign through cloud technology. In 2012, Cisco System acquired Meraki in the range of $ 1.2 billion. Making them part of the Cisco Cloud Networking Group for cloud technology made on IT products manufactured by Cisco. Cisco Meraki changed the views of IT practitioners about network management, which can now be configured from anywhere via cloud services and accessed via a website or smartphone application. Through the internal web, users can now install and configure IT equipment such as wireless, cloud switching. Of course, this technology must be run in an ecosystem that has a smooth Internet network so as not to be constrained by network problems.

There are many advantages when we use cloud-based IT solution products such as Cisco Meraki. One of them is that we can focus more on the business being run because this product can be configured in the cloud. About the license, you also only need one license to manage the Dashboard from the desired IT solution device. There are various product lines from Cisco Meraki, such as Wireless LAN, Security & SD-WAN, Switching, Security Camera, Endpoint Management and so on.


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