How To Clean A Fire Place?

In order to maintain the efficiency of a furnace, it must be cleaned and cared for frequently. Check once a year to see if chimneys are damaged, with or without deposits or flammable substances. Keep the chimney and furnace clean and free of debris. It is necessary to check for obstacles in the chimney, such as a bird’s nest, etc., and the branches hanging above it must also be cut. In general, the furnace must be cleaned if necessary, and it must be checked that there are enough protective sheets and pipes, and the chimney must be in good condition. Likewise, the furnace must be kept clean and comfortable to use, which is also important for visiting guests. That’s why a lot of people tend to hire some of the best Furnace cleaning services near their area from time to time.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips:

Maintain brass luster. Brass handles and metal objects around the door or furnace can be kept clean and neat.

Leave the door open for ventilation. Avoid continuous burning for more than 5 hours.

In order to prevent ash from jumping on the carpet, close the furnace door. Place a non-combustible blanket in front of the furnace. This is to prevent flames from carpeting or wooden floors.

Don’t leave the fire burning when no one is there, especially when there are only children.

Use the chimney cover to prevent the entry of animal nests, rain or debris, and to avoid blocking the chimney.

Clean the lattice once a week to help the coal heat faster and keep the heat longer. The bottom layer must leave an inch of ash as an insulating layer. Before the ash comes out of the furnace, open the silencer to prevent the rash from spreading. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean the ashes.

Use special cleaners when cleaning brick furnaces. Clean the surrounding slate walls with lemon oil every one or two months.

Clean the furnace with a soft brush, once a month. Avoid cleaning immediately after burning and regularly removing excess ash and unburned wood.

Several methods to ensure that the performance of the furnace is the best, in addition, it is wise to clean the furnace regularly.


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