How To Clean And Maintain Rug

Treat your rug carpet like a leather sofa that is vulnerable to damage. Here’s how to take care of a rug to look like new. You can’t treat carpet rugs like carpets in general. Tapestry rugs need to be cleaned smoothly and softly so that fibres and materials are not damaged and cause your rug carpets do not look beautiful anymore. If you have never cleaned your rug carpet, it will look shabby and musty. Surely you do not want that to happen right? You can take advantage of carpet cleaner with attachments services that are around your home. But to take care of your rug carpet so it is not easily damaged, here we give the steps for you.

How to care for carpet rugs to always look new is to use a vacuum cleaner every day. The rug is one that will very often meet with soles that are dirty or wet. This makes the carpet certainly easily stained. To clean the dust on the carpet, you can use a vacuum cleaner and clean the dust at least once a day. You need to wash at least once a month. If your home is one of the most frequent visitors, especially with many families, make sure you wash your carpet at least once a month. You can see whether or not you are packing the carpet in the washing machine. If not then make sure you don’t try to use the washing machine.

These 2 steps you must practice on your rug carpet. But if one day your carpet is exposed to water or food spills and carpet cleaning services are not reliable, you can do the following steps:

-Spray a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Prepare baking soda and vinegar then mix and add a little water. Spray on the dirty part and then wipe gently using a dry cloth.

-Special rug cleaning liquid. If you do not use the liquid, you can also use a special soap for rug cleaning.

-Dry it completely. You can hang it outside on the sun or use a drier if the weather is not possible.
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