How To Record A Computer Screen With VSDC Application

For the YouTuber gaming certainly, no stranger to applications commonly used for live streaming or recording the computer layer.
For this one matter, maybe you get a lot of recommendations for using the Camtasia application because it’s easy to use and its features are quite complete.
However, maybe you are thinking of trying other applications to compare them.
Nowadays many people use VSDC because it is very lightweight and easier to use than other recording applications.
Besides this application can also be downloaded for free. You can see several steps in using the VSDC application below:

• First, download the VSDC application here.
• Then install and run it on your computer.
• After running, in the main menu click the Screen capture menu.
• A new window will appear like this.
• First, click the Settings menu then adjust the settings that appear. For example, if you want better quality and frames, you can choose the Custom option and choose the video format that works for you. But if you are unsure about this setting, just select the Recommended format.
• Next, you can choose the folder where the recorded video will be saved. The trick is click Browse then choose the folder yourself.
• After the settings are adjusted, now click on the video and audio sources menu.
• Then select Full desktop for the Monitor number entry and then click Start recording.
• At this point, VSDC has not recorded your screen. You need to adjust the desktop area that is recorded, how to move the recording area that is visible on the screen. When it fits, click the red button on the VSDC toolbar menu row.
• Now, then VSDC is recording your computer screen. You will also see a toolbar window that functions to operate VSDC, for example creating pauses, drawing and stopping recordings.
• To stop recording, besides using the buttons on the toolbar, you can also press Shift + F5 keys.
• Videos will automatically be saved in a folder that you have previously selected yourself.


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