Recognize Some Types of Grass You Can Plant on Your Home

The house terrace will certainly look very cool and green if you add grass there. Whatever type of grass you use, make sure that you take good care of it so that the grass does not grow carelessly or there are pests there. A lawnmower is clearly an indispensable tool for this. Visit to get the right lawnmower and what you need because there are so many types of lawnmowers that you need to know well.

Not only lawnmowers, but the grass itself also has several types. In fact, there are several types of grass that are right when planted on the terrace of the house. Some types of grass in question are:

1. Manila Grass
Manila grass is a type of ZM grass which is usually used as grass for a soccer field. This type of grass is classified as high quality with a thick green color and good elasticity. The strength of the manila grass type is also very high and resistant to footrests. Even so, this type of grass needs regular maintenance.

2. Japanese grass
Don’t rush to think that this grass is imported from Japan because giving this name has nothing to do with Sakura’s country.
Almost the same texture and apparently with Manila grass, Japanese grass is the preferred type of grass for frequent use on the home. The shape is tapered and thin, making Japanese grass appear more flat, tight and smooth.

3. Mini Variegata Elephant Grass
Also called mini white elephant grass, this type of elephant grass has the same size as ordinary mini elephant grass. It’s just that, there are white lines on the Variegata elephant grass type.

In terms of characteristics, mini Variegata elephant grass is also resistant to weather and minimal maintenance. But because of its unique shape, this type of grass is generally a little more expensive.


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