These Colors Are Going To Dominate House Paint Color Trends In 2020

For the color trends of paint in 2020, so far it is still dominated by dark blue and pink. The blue color becomes two of the five combinations of color trends that are predicted to skyrocket in 2020. In addition, there are colors other than softer blue like pastel colors which also still hit in 2020. However, if you want to know the right trending color choice for the exterior of your house, we suggest you call the company for exterior painting woodstock.

If you plan to repaint the walls of your house, here are the color choices you can choose based on the recommendations of paint companies and color experts for your dream home in 2020:

Rosy Hue Color With Main Lighting Impression

Many home paint companies choose distinctive house paint colors with a soft main lighting impression by highlighting bright rosy hue colors that reflect an optimistic impression. The color pink can be combined with any color and is neutral.

If you want the impression of a fresher and more modern home, the choice of colors with primary lighting like white, gray and beige is the best choice besides Rosy Hue.

Plant Colors Return to Nature

Plant colors that will make your home more calm and comfortable without ignoring its aesthetics. This color is predicted to dominate favorite house paint colors in 2020.

The light green color was chosen to complement the interesting concept of the ‘back to nature’ home concept that gives the impression of a calming spring.

Dark Blue Porcelain from China

Some experts predict the dark blue color of porcelain will dominate in 2020. Inspired by the color of blue orchids and ceramics from China, this combination which is often referred to as Chinese porcelain plays more with dark blue with undertone violet colors that are more exotic than bright blue sky colors.

Pink Shades of Romance

The home design television program HGTV Home predicts a man’s color with pink tones is still the perfect color to balance the concept of a comfortable and cheerful home.

The combination of pink and orange creates an atmosphere of romantic romance that remains neutral with other colored access.


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