Things To Look For When Using Emails

Email for today like this is a very important position. Not only in daily activities or in business matters, such as doing bulk email verifier clearout. Not only that, but school children now also use email, even in social media also requires an email. However, even in using email, some things must be considered, as below:

1. Internet connection

When you do not have access to the internet connection. one cannot send, or read emails. This is a limitation for someone who lives in an area with a minimal internet connection. If the internet connection we have is slow there is a possibility that the message we sent will be uploaded to the server for a long time and causes the length of the email sending process. Even if our internet connection is classified as very slow. there is a possibility that our email will fail to be sent to the recipient. this also applies to notifications for receiving emails. if our connection is very slow. we will be late to receive notifications getting new emails so that emails that have arrived at us have a long delay.

2. Depending on the hardware to be able to access the mail

If at one time our hardware is it a tablet, computer or laptop is having problems. We certainly cannot use email. this will be very difficult for us if when we need an email, we can not use it. At that time we will feel that using the post will be better.

3. Not everyone can use email

For those who have met people who don’t know anything about email, be it our parents, superiors, or friends. We must realize, that there are still some people who still don’t know what email is and how to use it. This makes us unable to depend on email all the time. For example, there are still companies that want prospective workers to send job application documents using regular mail and do not provide alternative options for sending job applications using email.

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