This Is The Care After Circumcision In Babies

Unlike circumcision when a boy is old enough, the baby cannot tell you what complaints he feels. Babies cannot keep the cleanliness of their penis area too. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to these guidelines for caring for babies after circumcision. You can also go to the circumcision centre in melbourne if you wish to consult with experts regarding this matter.

Here are the guidelines for taking care of your male babies after circumcision:

Keep the penis clean

The most important thing in caring for a baby after he is circumcised is to keep the baby’s body clean, especially the penis and groin area. Every time the baby’s diaper is changed, clean the groin area, penis, and buttocks from dirt with a cloth. You can use warm water and soap to clean it. Then dry the area properly to prevent irritation. Use a towel or soft cloth as a way to treat sensitive baby skin.

Protect the penis as best as possible

After circumcision, the baby’s penis will be bandaged and usually, the bandage will come off when he pees. Some pediatricians may recommend that you rewrap it, but some pediatricians recommend not to rewrap it. So you should consult your respective pediatrician. If you are asked to bandage the baby’s penis again, the doctor will usually recommend applying petroleum jelly on the tip of the baby’s penis before bandaging it with sterile gauze. This is done so that the gauze does not stick to the skin. However, if your doctor advises you not to rewrap, all you need to do is apply petroleum jelly or antibiotic ointment every time the baby’s diaper is changed. It aims to reduce the friction between your baby’s penis and the diaper he is wearing.

Be careful when bathing the baby

If your baby is recently circumcised, you can still bathe him. Bathing using a warm washcloth is preferable in the first two days after circumcision. After that, you can bathe the baby normally again. Bathe the baby using warm water every day for a week.


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