Unique Minimalist Rugs, Complimentary Floor Mats

Who uses minimalist carpets in his house? Actually, according to next page, carpets are not only used to decorate the interior of the house. There are still many other benefits, kind as a base for furniture so that the floor surface is not easily damaged, can reduce noise, and make your feet feel comfortable when walking barefoot. Want to have a minimalist carpet, but want a little traditional accent? Then this wicker rug is for you. This rug is not made of burlap sacks or wood fibers, but rather thick, natural brown wool. When you set foot on this carpet, it will certainly feel nice and warm. The next minimalist carpet has black and white stripes. A motif like this is suitable to be placed in a modern minimalist style family room whose interior is dominated by plain white without much decoration. The room will look more stylish and timeless.

If buying marble floors isn’t possible, why not replace them with minimalist marble-patterned rugs like this? The price is more affordable and very comfortable to walk on. The motif is also able to create an elegant atmosphere for the interior of your home, no less like the original marble. Square or round carpets are too ordinary. If you want something more different and unique, try a minimalist carpet with an irregular hole pattern like this. The holes in this carpet are not damaged but are indeed the model, yes. The edges of the carpet are abstract and in the middle, there are small holes that do not interfere with the main function of the carpet. The house also looks cooler, but be careful if there are small children at home.

Next, there is a minimalist carpet with a chevron pattern. The atmosphere in the room becomes more dynamic and modern. Choose a light color for a cheerful tone. Carpets like this are best placed in the living room adjacent to another room so that there are clear boundaries.
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