What To Consider After Replacing Car Tire

Changing a car tire is an activity that is done by the vehicle owner when the condition is bald or damaged. However, when it has been replaced, there is something to be aware of, so that the tire is comfortable to drive and does not break easily. Many do not understand what needs to be done when replacing new tires, most are used immediately. Though some things still have to be done before being used to drive. First, when changing a new tire, make sure the valve must also be replaced. This is because it could be that the old tire valve has had a smooth leak or other damage, so the performance of the new tire is not optimal. So, make sure when you purchase a new tire at loja de pneus rj you also need to change the valve.

Second, the air pressure should be added 5 to 10 percent. This will make the bead (edge of the tire) can stick perfectly to the rim. If the bead is not perfectly attached, then the air can come out, when the car maneuvers. Another function is to increase air pressure, which is to maintain tire pressure. Because new tires have a shape that is still not perfect and can reduce tire pressure. But when it has been overdone from the start, then when it comes down, the tire pressure is assumed to be in the normal position. For example, the normal wind pressure is 30 PSI, 10 percent is increased to 33 PSI, and when there is a pressure drop, it can return to its normal point.

Third, installing new tires as much as possible should be accompanied by spooring and balancing. You need balancing first, to get a balance between the tire and the rim, so that vibrations do not occur when the vehicle is running. Then do the spooring, to find the alignment of the wheels.


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