When You Feel God Is Not Fair To You, Remember These 4 Things Again

Difficulties and problems are often present in human life. This is one sign of self-maturity if we are able to get through it. However, not all people easily accept difficult conditions and sometimes assume that God is not fair to him. They must go to the miracle healing prayer request so they know that God is always there for them. Remember these 4 things so you can continue to be grateful miracle healing prayers.

1. Stop comparing yourself to other people
Basically, every human being born into the world as a winner. Every person is special with all the stories of his life. Never assume that your life has suffered the most. We do not know the difficulties that have been passed by people who we think have a better life than us. It could be that their difficulties you will not be able to face, this means that you are also able to face your own problems, so fight !!

2. Contemplate how much time has been wasted due to complaining too much
How many years have we lived in this world? When was the last time we were grateful for what we had? Could there be more complaints than words of gratitude that even just crossed?
Time is one of the pleasures given by God, but we are often negligent in making the best use of it. How much good can we create if we turn the wasted time into the maximum effort?

3. Stand in front of the mirror and watch yourself for a moment
Still, have perfect physique? This means there is no reason for you to complain and feel life is not fair. Imagine how many people out there who have physical limitations but are able to achieve their dreams.
Those who are not even able to see the beauty of the world. As long as the body is still given the strength to try, then nothing is impossible to achieve. That is God’s gift that may be often forgotten.

4. Look around you and reflect on the kindness that has been given to you
Humans are social creatures who need each other. Look around you, there are couples, family, friends and other relatives. How many people out there even live their lives alone because they no longer have anyone. There is too much good that you ignore because the problems faced close your eyes and hearts from the good that still covers you.


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