Why Sourdough Bread Is Better

Tracing the history of sourdough bread will take us back to thousands of years ago, precisely in 1500 BC in Egypt. Bread recipes whose popularity has jumped in recent times are believed to have been made accidentally due to the lack of initial records. Although the originality is not known for certain, sourdough bread does not lose its existence, even still worshiped until now. Sourdough is a mixture of flour and water that is allowed to ferment. This fermentation process then activates natural yeast (wild yeast) and lactic acid bacteria that can make the bread mixture expand naturally. Sourdough bread recipe is the beginning of the creation of bread. Thousands of years after being discovered, humans from various continents use the sourdough recipe as a starter in making bread. It was only in the modern era that ‘commercial’ bread recipes from instant yeast were created to meet food needs https://kefirgrains.ie/product/organic-certified-san-fransico-sourdough-culture-80g/.

Sourdough bread with traditional recipes (containing four ingredients namely flour, water, starter, and salt) is very safe for vegans. Indeed, today many sourdough slices of bread contain butter, milk, eggs, but if you make sure there are no animal extracts in the sourdough bread that you consume, you’re good to go. Besides being delicious, sourdough bread has a variety of benefits that are very good for the body, you know. The content of acetic acid in sourdough also makes this bread more durable than commercial bread in general. Because acetic acid can prevent mold growth. It is a win-win solution when consuming sourdough bread.

Eating ordinary bread needs to be considered carefully because of its high carbohydrate content and glycemic index. Just one meal, bread can quickly change blood sugar and insulin levels. But not with sourdough bread. Sourdough bread contains very low carbohydrates because the fermentation process has eliminated the starch content making it lower glycemic index compared to other breeds. The researchers suggest adding sourdough bread to each diet to normalize blood sugar for those who experience glucose disorders in the body.


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