Women Must Know, This Is How To Mix And Match The Right Accessories

Fashion trends keep changing every year. In 2019, fashion trends are predicted to reverse. This was seen during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2018 which showed off 70s clothing. For example, there is an oversized blazer to the shoulder pad. Not left behind, accessories ranging from headbands to women’s watches. However, in terms of choosing accessories, it doesn’t have to go back to the 70s. Simply adjust the color and shape of the accessory itself. However, sometimes accessories are not noticed by some people. Choosing the right best watches brands accessories will make you more confident and look charming. As your fashion reference, here are tips for choosing accessories so that you look more fashionable in everyday life. In choosing accessories, you must emphasize choosing simple accessories. The reason is, with a touch of simplicity, it will make it more attractive. Especially in choosing colors and shapes. For example, if you are already wearing a necklace with a prominent or large shape, then you should choose smaller earrings or rings. Avoid using large accessories at the same time. The same goes for choosing an accessory color. You need to match the colors of the rings, necklaces, and earrings to match them. Remember, do not let clothes and accessories in contrast.

The choice of clothing sometimes backfires on its own. The reason is, with inappropriate clothing, the appearance will be less pleasing to the eye. Therefore, choose accessories with the right shape and color of clothing, to make it more fashionable. To be more fashionable, choose a theme for your appearance. For example, if you want to look formal and elegant, you can combine a blazer with pearl accented accessories. Or if you are relaxing, you can simply wear simple accessories, both in shape and color so that you don’t look contrasting. To look your best, don’t forget the accessories on your hands, from bracelets, rings, and women’s watches. It should be noted that before you buy all these accessories, you should try them first. Notice that the bracelet you use matches the shape of your arm. Well, like choosing a woman’s watch. You can use a watch that is not too big and match the color of the clothes you wear.


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