You Can Do This To Learn About Stocks From Scratch

Many people who contact me said they wanted to learn about shares. Most of them complain about where to start confused because their knowledge is zero about stocks. Well, for that I write this article to help those of you who want to learn stocks from scratch. Even though you are totally blind about stocks, after following the learning flow that I explain here you should immediately understand and be proficient in conducting stock transactions. Meanwhile, you can also go to if you want to read more news about stocks and their prices.

I also learned from scratch about stocks. Everyone learns on their own. You are more fortunate because you don’t need to study alone. I will explain the fastest path to learning stocks:

Read lots of ebooks about stocks

First of all, you have to know what stock is, why you should buy stock, how to buy it, use what software and so on. By reading lots of ebooks about stocks you will find out a brief but clear picture of stocks.

Open a stock account

Learning shares is like learning to swim. Just study theory, without plunging into the water, you will never be a strong swimmer. You must open a stock account in one of the securities before you can buy and sell shares.

Conducting stock transactions

After the stock account is ready, deposit funds according to securities provisions. Try buying stocks, just a little, for example, 1 lot (100 pieces). After that, you can save or try to sell the shares. Here you train using software and familiarize yourself with the various rules of stock transactions. Limit yourself to not too large a transaction first to be familiar with stock transactions.

Choose to become a stock investor or trader

There are two choices if you want to be involved in the world of shares, which is to become an investor or trader. Both are different. Each has its own characteristics, and different knowledge that must be mastered. Investors buy and hold shares for a long time. Traders buy and sell shares in a short time utilizing fluctuations in stock prices. For beginners, and those who are busy are advised to become a stock investor.


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