You May Want To Try These Rare Mexican Sweets

Visiting Mexico, it’s incomplete if you haven’t tasted a variety of foods that are appetizing. Starting from tacos, nachos, to burritos that are famous for their fresh taste with a spicy sensation when eaten. And to complete the culinary tour in Mexico, you also have to take the time to taste a variety of sweet dishes typical of this Aztec Tiger Country. Although not as popular as desserts from other countries, the sweet and delicate Mexican dessert is guaranteed to make your tongue shake. Meanwhile, if you’re also a fan of nachos, perhaps you must check out the best mexican food restaurant near your area.

Are you curious? Here we summarize some of the rare Mexican sweet foods that must be tasted when visiting Mexico:


Cajeta is actually a caramel sauce typical of the city of Celaya, Mexico, which has a sweet taste with a thick texture. It’s made of sugar, cinnamon, and sheep’s milk which are boiled to thicken, Cajeta, which has a light brown color, is often served as a companion to a variety of offerings such as Churros, puddings, cakes, to coffee.


Coming from the second-largest city in Mexico, Guadalajara, Jericalla is a popular type of custard pudding in Mexico. This sweet dish is made from milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract which is steamed until hardened. Before serving, usually, Jericalla will be given a sprinkling of sugar and then burned to appear brown caramel on its surface.


Having a look that resembles a typical Japanese caramel pudding, Flan is a sweet dish that is commonly found in Mexico to Spain. Made from evaporated milk, sugar, and eggs, this sweet-flavored dish with a soft texture is usually served with a splash of fragrant caramel sauce.

Nieve de Garrafa

As a country that has a tropical climate, cold drinks are one of Mexico’s favorite snacks. And, one of the most famous is Nieve de Garrafa.

Nieve de Garrafa itself is a sorbet dish made from a mixture of fresh fruit, sugar, and ice that is processed to a soft texture. Besides being fresh, Nieve de Garrafa also has a distinctive taste because it is made from exotic Mexican fruits such as Mamey, Pitaya or dragon fruit, and Flor de Jamaica or rosella flowers.


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