You Must Avoid These 4 Mistakes In Cleaning And Storing Your Knives

If not treated properly, over time, the knife can become blunt and difficult to use to cut food. Yes, kitchen knives need special care and cleaning methods to keep them sharp and rusty. However, there are still many mistakes that are often made when cleaning and storing knives, making it easy to blunt. Aside from that, if you wish to know more about amazing Japanese steel knives, we suggest you follow the Kamikoto instagram account.

Here are 4 common mistakes that should not be made so that the kitchen knife remains sharp and durable:

1. Don’t place the knife in the sink

After using it, it is not uncommon to put the knife directly into the sink, stack it with other cooking utensils to be washed later. In fact, leaving the knife in the sink can make both sides scratched, or even make the tip of the knife bent and damaged.

In addition, putting it in the sink can also endanger the dishwasher, especially if he does not realize if there is a knife lying around.

2. Don’t keep the knife with other kitchen utensils

Many people keep a knife in a drawer with other kitchen utensils to save space. Apparently, storing a knife with other equipment will actually make it blister because it is scratched and deformed (dent). If you don’t have a special drawer for storing knives, you can also use a knife sheath to protect it from various scratches.

3. Don’t use an automatic washer

Washing dirty utensils with an automatic dishwasher are indeed far more practical than having to wash it manually, but this does not apply when we want to clean the knife.

Washing the knife in the machine will only make it scratched because it will continue to shift when washed. We recommend that you wash the kitchen knife that has been used by hand manually.

4. Don’t dry the knife together with other kitchen utensils

In addition to storing it in a special place, it is better to immediately dry the knife after washing. Drying it on a dish rack with a spoon, fork, spatula or other utensils will only make it dull. In addition, by drying it directly, we can prevent mold growth on the surface of the kitchen knife