You Must Consider These Points When You Buy Electric Guitars

In order to reach the highest notes, you are required to choose an electric guitar that has a large number of frets, amounting to 24 frets. With a large number of frets, this can help maximize your music playing even if not directly. Aside from that, if you want to buy a high-quality Electric guitar kit, you need to make sure that you buy it from a trusted and license store.

Also, pay attention to the distance between the strings and the fret. Paying attention to the distance between the strings and the fret is very important to do. To check it, you can press the strings. Spacing between strings that are too wide will make you press too deep and can make your fingers press unwanted strings.

For that, try when buying an electric guitar, choose a guitar that has a stringed distance with a fret that matches the finger.

Finally, check the fret hardness level. Frits that have low quality will usually be easily eroded by the strings and this can make the strings collide on the fret in front of them when pressed.

Furthermore, consider the type of pickup you will buy. Pick up is the most important component in a guitar because it functions to convert analog to digital signals. Pick up itself is divided into two types, namely piezoelectric pick up and magnetic pickup. However, the most commonly used pick up is a magnetic pickup.

In addition, pick up also consists of active pick up and passive pick up. The difference is that active pickup uses batteries and passive pickups do not. Sound from active pickups can be controlled by doing cut n boost. How to control also depends on the pre-amp mounted on the pickup.

Finally, pay attention to the guitar intonation. Press all the strings one by one starting from fret 12 to reach the highest fret. This method is intended to find whether there is the same tone or not. In this way too, you can find out which achievers the highest notes of the guitar.


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