You Need These Pieces Of Equipment Before You Knit A Bag

Knitting is a method for making clothes, bags or other trinkets made from knitted yarn. Knitting is different from weaving or sewing. Knitting usually uses rather thick yarns of various colors and uses special needles for knitting. Knitting can be divided into two ways, they are crochet and knitting. A striking difference between the two ways of knitting is the use of the needle. Crochet uses one single needle while Knitting uses two knitting needles. The single needle on a Chorchet is called a hook. The double needles used for knitting are called knit needles. The yarn used for knitting also varies. There are walnut wool, nylon, panda yarn, polyester yarn, orchid cotton yarn, mesh yarn, rayon yarn, Athena yarn, and others. Aside from that, if you require high-quality crochet hooks, we suggest you check out some of the best crochet hooks.

If you are interested in making a knitwork, you can find a simple way to knit so you can copy it.

However, if you want to knit a bag, you need equipment like:

In knitting, there are terms that you should know to make it easier for you to knit. These terms such as Lp (loop) for yarn circles on the hook, Turn, Sp for spaces, St for stitch, Mc for the main color, Ws for rearview, Rs for front view and Magic ring.

How to hold a knitting needle or hook also there are two ways, such as holding a knife that is usually done for beginners and like holding a pen.

Following how to knit a bag that you can try yourself as a beginner. Before you know how to knit a bag, it’s a good idea to know what materials and tools need to be prepared.

For example in this article will help you knit a bag with the steps that need to prepare the following materials and tools.

1. Scissors

2. Knitting needles with size 1/0

3. Nylon yarn

After preparing the materials and tools, you now can start knitting a bag with the way that you believe to be effective.


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