Bully Effect And How To Overcome It

Currently, cases of bullying are increasingly rampant in society. There are many negative impacts of this behavior, both for those who are bullied (perpetrators) and those who are being bullied (victims). Therefore, this habit of bullying must be stopped immediately. At tomhadesofficial.tumblr.com, you will learn what bully effects often occur.

Bully is physical or mental violence that is committed by one or more people using assaulting or intimidating others. This violent behavior is common in school environments and generally affects children or adolescents who are physically weaker than their peers. Sometimes, the child who is being bullied may lie so that it is not known by others.

In this technological era, bullying is becoming easier to occur, often known as cyberbullying. Perpetrators simply use social media to bring down their victims, such as distributing negative themed texts, photos, or videos about the victim. This bullying behavior has many negative effects on the victim, including:

  • Experiencing mental disorders, such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, difficulty sleeping well, wanting to hurt yourself, or even suicidal thoughts.
  • Become a drug user.
  • Afraid or lazy to go to school.
  • Decreased academic performance.
  • Joining in violence or taking revenge.

How to Stop Bully Actions

In stopping bullying, you can intervene by coming to school and then reporting the person who abused your child. That way, the school can handle it directly and report it to the parents concerned.

Bullies must be stopped immediately. If allowed to continue, this behavior can damage your child and the younger generation. Here are some steps parents can take to prevent bullying:

  • Instill moral values ​​from an early age.
  • Encourage children to jointly evaluate and distinguish good deeds from actions that are not appropriate for others.
  • Build good communication with children and assist them in their growth and development process.
  • Teach children how to be assertive, aka assertive but always polite so that they are not easily bullied and liked by many people.
  • You can also advise your child to dare to report to teachers at school when they experience bullying behavior.
  • If your child feels unable to speak directly, he or she may be able to write them a letter or email them.
  • If your child is the bully, then invite the child to discuss and find out the cause. Explain that this is not good behavior, and is not acceptable.
  • Parents can invite children (both perpetrators and victims) to undergo counseling so that their thought patterns and behavior can be better directed.
  • Last but not least, be a good role model for children. Because consciously or not, children will imitate their parents as a measure of behavior.

With the support and cooperation of parents and teachers, children can enjoy the learning process at school without bullying. If you are worried that the problem of bullying will have an effect or effect on your child’s development, don’t hesitate to consult a child psychologist.


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