Common Mistakes In Wearing A Watch

A watch is one of the mandatory accessories for men. Remember one thing, that men are very lacking in the category of accessories or jewelry. Very limited compared to women. Therefore, it is very important for men too and must be obliged to wear the best watches for men as an accessory. Watch accessories are usually more expensive. Naturally, if this happens. Besides functioning as a timepiece, watches for men can also show their character, identity, and social status. The following are some of the errors in the use of watches in men.

Watches are made of various materials and model and there is a purpose for that. For example, a strap made of rubber is suitable for outdoor and sports activities. The rubber material is not easy to absorb sweat which might cause your watch to smell unpleasant. Leather is suitable for formal, semi-formal events, but it doesn’t matter if you try on a casual event. Stainless steel is mandatory for formal events. But unique, the strap of this material can be worn at formal or casual events. Only outdoor activities or sports are not good.

It doesn’t matter if you are already wearing a watch coupled with other accessories, such as a bracelet on the same hand. The important thing to pay attention to is the quantity. If it’s too much, it’s not good for you who adheres to a simple style ideology. The use of 1 to 2 bracelets with the same watch is more than enough. Remember this is a watch, not a bracelet. Make sure it fits right on the wrist. Neither tight nor too loose. How do you know how to fit, loose, or too tight? If your wrist wears a wristwatch that is too deep after wearing it in a day, it means it is too tight. If at the time of use, your watch shifts irregularly, until the position of the head of the watch is on the outer right or left side of the wrist, it means it is too loose. If not both, and the head position is always right above the wrist, that is the way to wear the right watch.


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