Do You Want To Know How To Remove Stains From Your Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass must be cleaned regularly so that it always looks beautiful, clean, and does not smell. However, one of the most troublesome things is when there is a stain on our artificial grass. Therefore, we must carefully prevent stains from appearing on the surface of our artificial grass. However, if your artificial grass is already stained, there are a few tips you can use to get rid of stains on your fake grass effectively.

You can do these ways to get rid of stains from your artificial grass:

1. Clean up spilled liquid with a tissue towel A towel should be enough to clean most spills. Be careful not to rub the liquid onto the grass. Clean up spills gently. As long as you do it immediately when a spill occurs, cleaning it up will be relatively easy.

2. Clean stains with a solution of liquid and powdered detergent. Mix one teaspoon of water with one liter of detergent in a portable container. Buckets are your best tool for this. You can apply the solution by using cloth or sponge until the stain is gone. After the stain is gone, you can rinse the detergent with a garden hose. This gentle solution will not damage your lawn and can clean a variety of substances, such as coffee, alcohol, or ice cream.

3. Scrape the sticky dirt with a knife. When you handle gum, lipstick, crayon marks, or paint, scrape gently from the grass. Be careful not to accidentally mow the grass as you scrape. Scrape the blades over the grass instead of mowing it.

4. Using mineral spirits to remove solid dirt Soak a soft cloth in mineral spirits, then wipe the dirty grass leaves. Be careful when cleaning with mineral spirits. You need to make sure the mineral spirits don’t damage the grass and the underside of the grass as they can cause serious damage.


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