Evaluate This Way Before Choosing An Investment

The thing that needs to be considered is whether the company you are looking for is still run by its founders or whether the company’s management has been driven by new people. Look at reputations and look for biographies of key company figures to see how broad their experience is. Check the debt-to-equity ratio to see how much positive equity the company has and compare it with competitor data for a better perspective. It is also a good idea to pay attention to any footnotes that accompany financial reports and annual/quarterly reports. Financial reports can be found easily on the capital market dashboard at http://www.cnie.org/highleverage/ecn-brokers-with-high-leverage.html. Although the amount of money saved in the form of savings has increased (slightly), it is not necessarily able to meet future needs. Is making savings an option to raise funds to buy property effectively? Yes, as long as the funds saved are billions of rupiah in value. If not billions, how?

The use of savings as an investment medium needs to be replaced with other types of investment. Evaluate how much you need using cash? Cash funds should be used for daily needs and emergency funds. Long-term target goals, such as pension funds, education funds (> 5 years) do not use cash or savings because they will not work. After running these methods, what you need to do next is that you need to invest immediately. Money that is not used for necessities is considered for going into investment. One example of an investment that can be taken is mutual funds. Viewing the stock price history is important to do so that you can get a fair price when buying these shares. Also, the stock price history can give you clues about how the projected profit to be obtained in the future.

Every industry has different trends and risks. If you invest in the capital market, you know that there is profit potential and that there is risk potential. You have to understand both sides very well. Corporate actions such as issuing options, making dilutions, or other actions are important to know because they can change the composition of share ownership in the company. Keep in mind that the issuance of options or dilutions can have a big impact on the stock price if you already own them. Therefore, it needs to be well anticipated.


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