How to Take Care of Your Feet to Look Beautiful

Every woman would want to look beautiful. But they are not only beautiful faces, but they also want to have beautiful legs. Here are a number of ways to treat your feet to make them look beautiful and eye-catching besides do homedics foot spa.

Do not rub hard on dry skin
If you have scaly skin on your feet, then avoid rubbing hard. We recommend that you use a special cream, and rub it gently into the dry feet or heels, before wearing sandals.

Use a moisturizer
Not only body skin that needs moisturizer, but foot skin also needs moisturizer. Use a special foot moisturizer in the morning before you travel. This will keep the skin on your feet up throughout the day.

Soak your feet in tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is another amazing essential oil. It is useful as an antiseptic and kills mold on your feet. Soak your feet in a tub filled with a mixture of tea tree oil and warm water. As a result, the dirt on your feet will disappear. Do this in the afternoon after work to make it more relaxed.

Beautify your toenails with nail polish
In order to beautify your toenails, choose your favorite nail color, and use it. Wearing nail polish makes the color of the feet more vibrant, perfect for attending parties such as invitations.

You can also do a foot spa. Here are the benefits:

Foot Spa is beneficial in proper blood circulation
Foot spa can improve blood circulation. Not only that, but the foot spa can also provide energy and give a feeling of a relaxing effect to each leg muscle.

Foot Spa helps relieve stress
Foot spa can help relieve stress and tension throughout the day, so you will feel more relaxed after doing Foot Spa.

Relieve rheumatic pain
Foot spa can help relieve tension in muscles and joints. So, people suffering from arthritis can benefit greatly from a foot spa in the morning and evening. The foot spa which is used to treat arthritis patients uses seaweed which is known to reduce pain and help arthritic patients.


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