Microsoft Hacked, Victims Reached 60 Thousand Customers

MIT Technology Review reports that the latest hacks that come with Microsoft vulnerabilities may not be the only cyber threat. Citing a cybersecurity analyst, at least five hacking groups were actively exploiting Microsoft Exchange Server flaws on Saturday, March sixth. Earlier, cybersecurity journalists Brian Krebs and Andy Greenberg reported that as many as 30,000 organizations had been compromised in the email server hack on Friday, March 5. This incident is believed to have originated from a state-sponsored Chinese hacking group, known as Hafnium. Aside from that, if this incident makes you feel worried about your Microsoft stock index that is within the NAS100, then we recommend you go to to sell your Microsoft stock index and hire Brokers who deal with other NASDAQ100 indexes.

Over the weekend, the estimated victims of the hack have doubled to 60,000 customers of the Microsoft Exchange Server hacked around the world. The European Banking Authority now recognizes its institution as one of the victims of the hack.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the hack an active threat, which is attracting more attention. The White House has also spoken out about this cyber threat.

At this point, the message is clear that anyone installing a local Microsoft Exchange Server (2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019) needs to patch the software. Hackers have reportedly installed malware that could let them return to that server again. The media doesn’t yet know what the hackers might have picked up.

The email of a White House official revealed that they were undertaking the entire government response to assess and address the impact.

Microsoft declined to comment on patch timing. They work closely with CISA, other government agencies, and security companies, to ensure they provide the best possible guidance and mitigation for their customers. The best protection is to apply updates as soon as possible on all affected systems. Microsoft continues to assist customers by providing additional investigations and mitigation guidance. Affected customers should contact their support team for additional assistance and resources.

Microsoft may take a long time to realize its severity and patch it. Krebs has now compiled a basic timeline of the massive Exchange Server hack. He said Microsoft had confirmed that it was aware of the vulnerability in early January.


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