Other Types of Koi Pond Filters

Gravity causes sediment and dirt to settle to the bottom of the settling pond. Likewise, what happens to your koi pond, the dirt that settles will be sucked through the lower channel and collected in the settling tank. Therefore, your koi pond will be kept clean. all you need to do the filter routine on the pump, the visit is too dirty then you need to replace it. Likewise, the dirt that settles in the settling tank must also be regular regularly. The lower drain, such as this drain, is located at the bottom or bottom of the pool. But another thing that is needed for koi pond filtration is a skimmer. A skimmer is another mechanical filtering system. Skimmers work on the surface of the pond to collect debris such as leaves, grass, etc. The skimmer will draw air on the surface and then filter the waste in the air which will then be forwarded to the pump.

The skimmer also serves to keep the air from dissolved organic compounds. Without a skimmer, the surface of your pool may be covered by oil or the like. This will reduce the absorption of oxygen into the air because it is blocked by oil on the surface. The mechanical filter is one of the two koi pond filters that you must have in your pond. Simply put, fish produce solid as well as liquid manure. For the needs of 2 filters in the pond. Apart from koi fish droppings, of course, other factors contribute to polluting your koi pond such as rotting plant parts, dead insects, dry leaves, etc. Also, the dirt or garbage sometimes has various sizes, for that, a good mechanical filter is a filter that can filter with several stages.

Usually, the procedure on a mechanical filter is such that the air will pass through the filter first, then it will then pass through the filter first. As in the image below, it can be seen that the initial stage is a filter with large pores, then it continues to the smaller and very small pores until it enters the filter by biological filtration.


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