Parents Must Ensure They Know How To Choose Safe Baby Product Brands

According to experts, there is no need to provide products that are labeled antibacterial or antimicrobial. Products with this antibacterial label are also usually not in products specially formulated for babies. Besides, mild and alcohol-free labels are enough to keep your baby clean. If you want to find some of the safest and the best baby product brands easily, you can visit right away.

Furthermore, before buying products for your baby, make it a habit to read the information labels that are generally printed on the back of the packaging. Unfortunately, reading these labels often makes you even more confused, right? If so, get to know some of the information that is often listed on the following packaging labels:

– Antibacterial: To kill bacterial growth.

– Alcohol-free: Free of ethanol or ethyl alcohol content.

– Chemical: Substances made of atoms or molecules, whether natural or man-made. All ingredients in the product are chemicals or chemicals.

– Dermatologically tested: There is no legal definition when applied to cosmetic products, but it usually means that it has been tested on the skin.

– Hypoallergenic: Rarely causes allergic reactions.

– For sensitive skin: Rarely irritates.

– Fragrance-free or unscented: The product does not have any added ingredients that give it a specific fragrance. However, fragrance-containing ingredients may include, if added for other purposes, such as to mask the original odor of the product.

– Natural: Some ingredients are obtained from nature, but not necessarily healthier or safer. For example, nicotine and arsenic are natural ingredients, but they are not healthy or safe.

– Organic: There is no legal definition for organic cosmetics. The Soil Association only certifies products that contain 95 percent organic content.

– pH balanced or pH balanced: In general, this means that the pH of the product is close to the pH of healthy skin, or slightly acidic with a level of around pH 4.5 to pH5.5.

– Neutral pH: In general, this means that this product has a pH of about 7.

– Preservative: This ingredient is added to the product to protect the product from recurrent contamination during storage and use.

– Soap-free (soap-free or alkaline-free): This means that this product is free of soap or other chemicals that have an alkaline pH level, namely pH8 or more.


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