Small Bathroom Design That Remains Comfortable

With a lot of design inspiration and innovation popping up today, a small bathroom is no longer a shortage of getting an attractive design. In fact, a small bathroom can still be designed properly so that it remains comfortable and even relieved when in it. For those of you who are making a new bathroom or are doing renovations, here are some inspirations for small bathroom designs from Bathroom renovations central coast that still provide comfort.

The door from the sliding door
Using a sliding door can make the bathroom narrower because the door opening and closing space must be kept free of obstructions. Therefore, sliding doors are perfect for small bathrooms because the door space is minimal. The sliding door can be used as the front door of the bathroom or as a partition that limits the shower area to the toilet area. In addition, if a sliding door is used as a partition, then you can choose one made of glass. This glass adds to the illusion of space being small even though there is a partition.

Double mirror
Don’t add too many ornaments or accessories in a small bathroom. The reason is, this can make a small bathroom design feel stuffy. You just have to place a few potted plants and a mirror. For the mirror, you can put more than one. The presence of a double mirror with a cool profile can make a small bathroom seem spacious and at the same time look contemporary.

Multifunctional washbasin
In order for the small bathroom design to keep its neatness, you should have multifunctional furniture. Take advantage of all the available space, especially the area under the sink which is often idle. You can add a tiny cabinet to accommodate all toiletries. This can save space used in your small bathroom.

Comfortable with wood material
The wood paneling in the small bathroom can provide a warm atmosphere for increased comfort. In addition, add ornamental plants in a small bathroom to freshen the air and remove unpleasant odors in the room. Many variants of plants are suitable for the bathroom. That way, the bathroom will look fresh, fragrant, and of course more comfortable.


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