The History And Culture Of Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a ring that is usually equipped with diamonds or precious stones given by a man to his fiancee on the engagement day. Very romantic, but did you know that the history of engagement rings is not as romantic as it is today. Aside from that, before we continue, perhaps you want to see some tungsten wedding bands if you’re looking for men’s wedding rings made of excellent materials.

The habit of wearing engagement rings began in the second century BC (BC). At that time the ancient Romans usually wore rings made of iron, stone, bone, or copper to signify business contracts or to affirm mutual love and obedience. The ancient Romans were also known to have the habit of having two engagement rings, namely an iron ring worn at home and a gold ring worn in public.

In those days, Pope Nicholas I stated that an engagement ring symbolized a man’s intention to marry gold as the most popular material for an engagement ring. While engagement rings that use diamonds first appeared in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria proposed Mary of Burgundy. The Maximillian diamond ring sparked a trend in Europe and throughout the world, that the diamond engagement ring symbolizes who the woman is committed to. The ring also shows the social and financial status of the man he married.

In western culture, the engagement ring is the ring given to the bride at the time the man proposes. When the woman agrees to marry, that’s when the engagement ring is pinned to the woman’s finger. Whereas men generally do not wear engagement rings.

This happens in some parts of Asia, where there are couples who exchange rings during the application program and are witnessed by every family, and there are also engagement rings given by men and only worn by women. Symbolically, this engagement ring means engagement or commitment to stay with your partner until the wedding day arrives.

Meanwhile, the meaning of a wedding ring or wedding ring is a ring given by men to women and vice versa when holding a wedding procession. Symbolically, a wedding ring means binding the promise to live together forever.


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