The Secret Behind Carpet Design

Decoration can also be applied in various spaces, both the living room, bedroom, family room, even the kitchen. One of the decorations that are quite easy to find is a carpet. Many people choose carpet because this decoration also functions as a place to relax. The presence of a carpet in the house will make the atmosphere warmer both with fellow family members and guests at the same time. Fur rugs can also be a carpet design that is suitable for use in various rooms, both in the living room. The presence of the Rug Cleaning North Shore fur rug will not only bring a warm atmosphere in the room check my blog.

However, it also feels luxurious considering the price of fur rugs which are also quite expensive. Don’t forget to regularly clean fur rugs as they are much easier to get dirty than other types of carpets. If we are still confused about choosing a carpet design, then there is nothing wrong with choosing a carpet with a flower motif, you know! This flower motif will make our room more colorful, both flower colors which include many colors or even one color. We should also choose neutral-colored furniture so that it can contrast with the carpet color. The flower-patterned carpet will only make the room feel full, aka cramped if we combine it with light-colored furniture.

Many of us are still confused about determining the size of the carpet so that a room doesn’t seem too narrow. Now to avoid this from happening, we can choose the size of the carpet that matches the size of the table. The right size carpet will make our room feel more spacious and there will be no more stuffy words. Although many people choose to use plain rugs so that they can be easily combined with various home concepts, rugs with abstract motifs can also be our choice, you know! Currently, many home concepts crash several colors at once which makes the room feel even more crowded. We can also use this abstract patterned carpet in various rooms, even with brightly colored furniture at once.

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