Types Of Coffee Machine

You can now enjoy coffee at home. But not all coffee machines work the same way. If so, how many types of coffee machines are there available on the website, how do they function, and which one is suitable for you to buy? Espresso machines are not fake tools that are easy to care for, and they are not cheap. Maintaining and maintaining the performance of this machine so that it continues to work smoothly requires a high commitment. Otherwise, you are wasting your money on items that will become junk in under 3 months. Adjust the machine to your daily activities.

The most popular types of coffee machines are Superautomatic, semi-automatic, and capsule types. Starting from the fastest to the process that takes a longer time to produce a cup of coffee with a famous cafe taste. Match it according to your daily activities. With the capsule type. The process of making a cup of coffee using a capsule machine is the fastest compared to the other two types of espresso machines. You don’t have to wait for the coffee to be ground or measure the coffee to balance. Simply by putting the coffee refill capsule in the capsule container, you can enjoy a cup of coffee without having to wait long. Unfortunately, you have to be willing to dig deeper into your pocket for this type because the price of refilling capsules is getting more expensive here.

Not much different from the capsule type, the superautomatic type is also classified as a machine that is still easy to operate in a short time. The difference is, before you let the machine run automatically, you have to calculate the amount of coffee in the container that has been provided. Superautomatic type and capsule type are highly recommended for beginners because the operation technique is still easy and doesn’t take much time.

The semi-automatic type looks bigger and denser. To operate it, you need special skills and knowledge in the field of coffee making. For example, you are required to fill the right amount of coffee grounds into the portafilter of the machine and press the piston lever while extracting the coffee into the cup. Although it sounds more difficult, the coffee produced by semi-automatic machines has proven to be more delicious and fragrant because the process is not instantaneous.


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