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If you like writing, then you can try being a freelance writer. A freelance writer is a writer who works on writing for clients. Furthermore, he was paid based on the writing project. Like other freelancers, freelance writers work by agreement with the client. This is certainly different if we work in an office. If in the office, we have to follow the procedures that apply in the office. We also have our respective job descriptions. In essence, a freelance writer sells their writing skills to clients who need them. Clients who need this can be individuals, companies (corporations), governments, or certain organizations.

First, to become a freelance writer the important thing is you have writing skills. In addition to writing skills, it would be better if you have deep knowledge in various fields that you want to do. For example, besides being reliable in writing, you also have deep experience or knowledge in the fields of economics, politics or technology. This deep knowledge and experience can be your added value in the eyes of clients. Second, determine the area of work you will pursue. There are many fields of work that freelance writers can pursue. Suppose you can focus on being a ghostwriter freelance writer. By becoming a ghostwriter, you will write a book script for clients. Usually, your name is not listed as an author. Instead, the client’s name will be displayed as the author’s name. Other than that, you can also become a co-writer, where you accompany clients to write books. You help the process and technical writing of the book.

Another example, you can also become a freelance writer specifically for company content. Let’s say you write content for a particular company web. So, your job is to write the company’s web content earlier. Of course, this content can be about company news content, the company’s content marketing, product reviews, and so on. You can also provide writing services for individual websites. Sometimes, bloggers need content for their blogs. However, due to time constraints, they hired the services of article writers. Well, you can also serve this market segment.

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