You Can Avoid Look Stiff And Become More Beautiful For Your ID Card’s Photo

Have you ever felt ridiculous about seeing the photo on the identity card? Many women claim that they are not satisfied to see photos on their ID or driver license cards look bad because they are required to have an official pose. Not only on the ID or driver license cards, photos in the passport to apply for jobs are also the same. You don’t have many choices because you have to obey the direction of the officer. Therefore, in this article, we are going to share with you some tips to make your face look beautiful and not stiff for the ID card’s photo. Aside from that, you may want to take a good photo for a scannable fake id if you always get rejected by the security guards at the night clubs.

Don’t overdo your makeup

Makeup makes girls look more beautiful, but it will bring the opposite effect if the girls wear their makeup excessively. Make sure you keep it simple and natural so you will look pretty for your ID card’s photo.

Don’t dress excessively

It’s not the time to experiment with the latest styles and clothing. We recommend that you still wear classic ergonomic clothing with neutral colors.

For makeup, there’s nothing wrong with adding shimmer or highlighter which will make the face shine in front of the camera flash. Also, add a small amount of dark and blush eyeshadow to frame the face so that the cheekbones are slightly protruding. However, you must remember not to use the shimmer excessively, or avoid using it if it’s not suitable for you.

Tilt your head a little

Not many know it turns out that tilting your head a little can produce a better pose. The slope is adjusted to the best pose you have.

This theory was previously studied at Wake Forest University. The results state the left side is better for most people. Because it will soften the shadow on your face and will bring out your jaw.


Keep a sharp gaze or duck face and give a little smile while in front of the camera. Remember, don’t smile with a grinning style because it will look weird. Keep trying to smile naturally without showing teeth.


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