You Should Not Leave These Items Inside Of Your Vehicle

The frequent use of a vehicle makes some drivers often leave several items in the vehicle. This is intended so that there is no difficulty when you want to use it again. However, drivers or vehicle owners need to be aware that when the vehicle is left for a long time it will cause the temperature in the vehicle to increase dramatically, especially when placed in the sun. High temperatures can cause damage to certain types of objects left in the vehicle. That’s why if you can store it outside, it can be safer for you. Additionally, if you use a trailer, you can also store some of your items in a trailer storage box safely.

In the following, we have summarized some of the things that are not recommended to leave in the vehicle:

Plastic Water Bottles

Most clear plastics are made from polyethylene terephthalate and contain BPA (the chemical used to make bottles strong). At room temperature, BPA will be inert. Meanwhile, at high temperatures or heat, BPA can seep out of the plastic and mix into the liquid in the bottle. Drinking water from plastic bottles left in hot vehicles is quite dangerous for health, and BPA can cause cancer.

Foods and Drinks

The temperature in the vehicle is difficult to be conditioned. Sometimes the vehicle is hot and cold. Therefore, do not leave food in the vehicle for a while, let alone a long time.

In a soda can, it can cause problems whether the vehicle is hot or cold. Likewise when you leave other foods such as candy or ice cream which can make it melt and make the vehicle messy and dirty.

Worse yet, bacteria in the vehicle can spread and contaminate food or drink left in the vehicle. Therefore, don’t leave groceries or food scraps in a hot or even cold vehicle. Be it short or long.

Flammable Items

Items or objects that are flammable are usually marked on each product. For example, hairspray, deodorant, aerosol cans, matches, and so on. The contents of this pressurized tube can expand and have the potential to explode.

This is because cans are very pressure sensitive. All items are recommended to be stored at room temperature.


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